“Isolate” de Bender

marzo 25, 2008

Este video es del surfista Laird Hamilton. La canción que se oye, que es lo que me interesa, es Isolate del álbum Jehovah’s Hitlist de Bender.

Pongo aquí la letra (de http://www.lyricsdownload.com):

Shades of lines
frame the time
sister, brother
cut to code
all alone
built up, level

Lost your way
back and they
cut off
my prayers
oceans wide
all went dry


And if you ever have to leave
leave yourself outside the door
and if you ever have to leave this
perfect world, lord.

Held upright
hands are tied
emotion sickness
breathing quiet
all the time
sister, brother
might happen overnight
its times like these
i’m not surprised
and my hands an open knife
it carves creation’s fire

Chorus (X2)


Pray again,

Its my life
Its my life
Its my life
I do what I want
Its my life